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Looking for a translator or a sworn (notary) translator? You are on the right website! Sworn Translators’ Office LYNX provides fully professional translations including ordinary translations, sworn translations and interpreting services in more than 30 languages. Highly qualified translators, competitive prices and guaranteed confidentiality – see our offer for more details.

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Generally speaking, translating is expressing in a target language the content of a text or an utterance which exists in other source language. All text types can be translated including: literary, specialist and non-literary texts as well as any types of an utterance.

There are two kinds of translations:

• Written (translation of a written text)
• Oral (translation of thoughts expressed orally).

In a translator’s work there can be distinguished ordinary and sworn translations. All types of the mentioned translations are dealt with by Sworn Translators’ Office LYNX. We address to individual customers and business partners. For more details click the relevant tab on the Menu on the left side.