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Interpretation allows for a conversation whose participants do not use the same language. Such a translation occurs “here and now” – in a concrete situation in the presence of the people who wish to communicate together. An oral translation, as the name suggests, is strictly connected with the utterances (although a text can be also the source) e.g. in offices, courts, at conferences or during an interview.
Oral translations can be divided into:

  • Simultaneous translations, also referred to as cabin translations, are conducted by means of specialist audio equipment. The interpreter can hear the source text by earphones. At the same time the interpreter translates speaking over the microphone. This way e.g. conference participants can simultaneously hear the translation from their earphones during some presentation.
  • Consecutive translations, when the interpreter begins translation after the source-language speaker has finished speaking. In this case the interpreter usually accompanies the speakers, can hear the speaker, makes notes and after the source-language speaker has finished speaking (or after a pause) the interpreter translates into the target language for other present people.